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Wow! What an amazing experience. The meeting was so insightful, educative and well informative. I'm so happy to be part of this great family knowing fully well that you've got people who gat your back. God bless Nene TLC. NENE TLC to the 🌎

NeneTLC Member

A Very good initiative to touch life and turn life around, to give hope and confidence to the hopeless. Happy to be a partaker of this initiative. Long live NeneTLC.

NeneTLC Member

Good evening everyone, I wish to appreciate Dr Ijeoma Mbah and NeneTlc. I was introduced to the her and the group by a Colleague Chizzi and I contacted her on Saturday 24th June 2023, she was very receptive and gave me the necessary support and counsel after I discussed my challenge with her.
I had already met all the requirements for the issuance of a pin by my council but it was delayed for more than three months. My pin was released quickly after our discussion as she swung into action. Once again I say thank you and may God bless you richly.

From IfeomaNeneTLC Member

I was introduced to the group by IJ about 3 months ago. The topics discussed has
resonated with me. I have drawn wisdom from other women who have stayed in this
country longer than I have. I have also been given ideas of how to stand up for myself in
my place of work. I felt supported by IJ when I was bullied at my place of work 2 months
ago. It's still a sore and bitter experience for me but I believe I am getting better by the

OluchiNeneTLC Member

This group has really created a lot of impact in me. It also makes me feel free to associate and communicate with my fellow women in the community, my general mental wellbeing has taken a great shape I see myself as belonging to a community that
accepts me, it creates a lot of awareness about things I never knew. It also makes me
feel that I'm not alone in the country. Thank you.

AisosaNeneTLC Member

I would like to appreciate the leadership for the opportunity of knowing about such
supportive and reassuring organisation for women. Since joining the group I have
greatly improved on my communication skills as it gave me a platform to be expressive
and share my concerns and ideas, also as a healthcare worker following the load of
work we do daily we get mentally exhausted but joining the group each session where
they teach about management of stress and work life balance has helped me pick up
myself daily and find my strength to keep doing what I love. Finally I must comment on
the self care tips for mothers which was shared in the group by our coordinator which I
implemented and it has spiced up my marital life, because how can you understand love
from another person if you don't first love and care for yourself? Thank you IJ.

BeckyNeneTLC Member

I have lived in the Sandbach area for 15 years now and never felted apart or welcome
here. I am so glad I met IJ and she invited me into this group. I look forward to our
fortnightly meet ups and find them enjoyable, l get the opportunity to speak to people
mainly from the Crewe and the Sandbach area. I find the session really uplifting and we
are encouraged to express ourselves on issues we feel we need support with,
threatened with or even worried about. Hopefully more people will join this platform
which will only help more people like me get out and meet many more isolated women
of colour like myself.I hope IJ gets the opportunity to build on this platform with Crewe
and the Sandbach area expanding to find out about more short educational courses plan
days out etc. Surely this is a great opportunity for us all moving forward to open doors of
opportunity for more people to express themselves in a positive way then we can all
utilise our time more in our growing ethnic community.

GraceNeneTLC Member