Promoting Positive Mental Wellbeing for Women of Colour.

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A safe place to discuss issues affecting us as women of color.

NeneTLC started out during the lockdown as it became clear that there was a need to create awareness for mental well-being for women of color in our community and find a way to connect these women together in a safe place to discuss issues affecting us as women of color. A place where issues of our everyday real-life challenges are discussed and finding solutions around them.

Most of the issues that have been discussed include ways to deal with Fears, Inclusion, Discrimination, Anxiety, Stress, Self-care, effects of Lockdown, etc. The responses to these sessions have been positive and encouraging. This makes us thrive harder to create a greater BAME women’s community.

Formed & Led by Dr. Ijeoma Mba

Dr. Ijeoma Mba is a trained Counsellor and is a qualified mental health First Aider. She has gained qualifications in Management MSc/BA and completed a research degree on Customers with Learning Disabilities. She is a mother of three very Independent and passionate about empowering (BAME) women and girls, ensuring they all get a voice.

She is on a mission to represent the women of ethnic minority groups in Crewe Cheshire community to use their voice as an asset to secure their dream, future, and livelihood.

Treasurer: Chizitelu Umeigbo

Ms Chizitelu Umeigbo is a driven and accomplished individual who has a background and currently works in the medical field. With a strong passion for medicine and a dedication to making a positive impact in the healthcare industry, she stands out as a shining example of excellence and ambition. Her empathetic nature, coupled with her analytical mindset, underscores her stellar conflict resolution skills. Chizitelu’s prowess as a leader shines brightly and is evident in her countless experiences working with special needs children.


With a keen ability to foster collaboration and guide discussions towards effective decision-making, she embodies the qualities of a true leader. Her extensive experience in volunteer work and community outreach programs showcases her dedication to supporting marginalized groups.
Chizitelu’s strong interpersonal skills allow her to connect with women from diverse ethnicities and backgrounds. Her visionary outlook, coupled with her potential to influence positive change is a constant motivation for her woman-empowering aim.

Volunteer: Mrs Ololade Omosoluyi

Mrs. Ololade Omosoluyi is a dedicated individual with a passion for making a positive impact on society. She’s the founder & CEO of Orion Bloom, a beauty and media professional brand. She is a qualified beauty educator and media practitioner who has gained qualifications in Media practice, Visual communication and Public relations MSc, Mass communication BSc and completed a diploma on Makeup Artistry and Skincare. This knowledge, coupled with her practical experience, enables her to address the unique needs of women and tailor their involvement to maximize their potential for positive change. She is a mother of three very Independent and passionate about empowering (BAME) women and girls, ensuring they all get a voice.

With a deep understanding of the challenges faced by women of ethnic minority groups. Ololade’s approach is characterized by empathy, inclusivity, and a genuine desire to empower women. Beyond her professional commitments, Ololade is actively involved in community engagement initiatives. She believes in leading by example and frequently volunteers her time to local causes, fostering a culture of service and compassion.

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