Nenetlc is extending its support to Nigeria and other African

Too often, African women try to muscle their way through depression and anxiety on their own - This can be a big mistake.

What you really need is someone to help you sort out what you’re going through and to provide support and treatment options. It is, therefore, important to normalize the discussion surrounding mental health and well-being in African communities. This is why Nenetlc is extending its support to women in Nigeria/African countries to create awareness, Support, Assist and Empower them.

Anyone can experience mental/Wellbeing Stress. There is no group, gender, sexual identity, race, or cultural belief that can prevent it from occurring,” “And it’s actually happening at higher rates than most other illnesses, including heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

I know we as Africans have a hidden mindset when we hear about going for counseling. Somewhere in our minds it automatically synchronizes with severe mental health issues. But it’s far from that. As a professional working-class individual, counseling should be seen as a norm where we utilize the time off work stress to relieve ourselves of the weekly or monthly workload and environmental factors, we had faced within the week and consider it “Your space-time” just the way you go for therapeutic massages and spa. To relieve of muscular stress

Counselling serves as a mind relieve stress session

What Our Members Have Been Saying

I enjoyed every bit of this meeting. Enough information , thank you so much the Host. Thanks a bunch DR Sam. God bless you all!!!


God bless you for hosting today's meeting and for Dr Sam who has enlightening me regarding financial planning as I have come to stay here for a successful life ahead.


Sorry, I was unable to join you this afternoon! I was at a prayer meeting(zoom) that didn’t finish early enough for me to join you, but my thoughts were with you all. Hope you all gleaned some good points from Dr. Sam. Have a blessed weekend everyone.


I sincerely appreciate Dr. Ijeoma and Dr. Sam for organising this meeting. I have learnt so much, so many questions in my mind that I didn't have answers to received answers today. Thank you once again ma. I am looking forward to next month's edition


My sincere appreciation to Dr Ijeoma and Dr Sam, it was a very educative and enlightening session. Thank you 😊


Thanks so much for today's session. It's an eye opener.


Hi lovely,
I no longer feel like I need counselling but thank you for everything you have worked on with me. I’m a quick learner and understand as a growing adult we all need to make some changes in our path and you have already helped me to see where. I feel really good in myself and everything in my life is going well. The only stress is adult life stress which is normal haha. I feel like because I’ve always had someone dictating my life and now I don’t that has been a BIG struggle for me to adjust to however now I am following my own path doing what I want to do wether the outcome good or try again I’m happy I’m making those steps. So thank you again it was a pleasure to meet you and hopefully one day you can do a cookout 🙏

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